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Lost a part or need some new pieces? We are the authorized manufacturer for select replacement clutch parts for the Harley-Davidson Destroyer.
Harley-Davidson Destroyer

Prices on site not guaranteed, check with MTC before ordering

BASE, CLUTCH FLIPPER Bare flipper (no internal components) HDC-36836-06K $509.05
CENTER CLUTCH HUB W/BUTTONS Anodized center hub with hardened buttons HDC-36827-06K $300.35
CLUTCH ASSEMBLY Includes clutch gear, basket, steels & fibers, inner hub, springs, and release plate HDC-36826-06K $1009.3
CLUTCH COVER ASSEMBLY Includes modified cover, secondary dome, and sensor plug HDC-36830-06K $555.6
CLUTCH SPRINGS OEM clutch springs (5) HDC-36828-06K $30.10
CLUTCH TUNER KIT Includes 2 sets clutch springs, shims, weights, and multi stage springs HDC-36843-06K $128.60
CONTACT BUTTON Replacement contact button HDC-36842-06K $42.90
COVER WITH RING Modified cover with mounting ring, no secondary dome HDC-36837-06K $439.40
COVER, SECONDARY DOME Secondary dome for modified cover HDC-36840-06K $144.75
FLIPPER CLUTCH Flipper with internal components HDC-36829-06K $723.40
PLUG KIT Plug and o-ring HDC-36841-06K $5.45
WASHER 1 gram clutch weights (30) HDC-36831-06K $5.45