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All Wrist Pin Buttons andĀ Cir-Clips areĀ sold in pairs.

Wrist Pin Buttons (All $12.55) (PRICE AS OF 03/01/22)

KAW (KZ900/1000) and (GPZ1100) (81-84)

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SUZ (GS1100)

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Installing Wire Locks

  • 1. Install the end of one lock at 90 degress from the pick lock groove.
  • 2. Use a stiff small bladed screwdriver and insert the tip into the pick lock groove while you wedge the lock into the groove without kinking or deforming the lock.
  • 3. After the first lock is in place, seat the lock by solidly hitting the wrist pin with a brass drift pin.
  • 4. Now install the connecting rod and the second lock.
  • 5. Seat the second lock in the same manner as the first.
  • CAUTION: Just as a precaution, we recommend hitting each side of the wrist pin with the brass drift pin an additional time.
  • NOTE: Perform these functions on a cloth towel or soft rubber pad so no damage to the piston occurs.