Another engineering masterpiece.....two stroke 700cc motor with a Hayabusa transmission, using a MTC Slider

Finally getting some inventory back in stock!!!!

Working on a new model product for MTC....any guesses what we are about to introduce?

MTC Engineering has two sets of these 60-152 billet cams available. Brand new....still in the box. Customer backed out of the order. Let me know if you are interested in buying them.

Keep your eyes open looking for these monsters at the National events!

MTC Engineering has a scheduling conflict and will not make the first XDA event in Maryland on April 19-21st. If you need anything for that event, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can ship it ahead of time. We will be at the May event in Richmond!!!!!

Manufacturers Cup Drag Racing Series.....breaks out the hardware!!! Beautiful looking trophies! Come race with us and take some of this with you!

Thank you racer nation for your show of kindness...the family will never forget your compassion....the windsheild looks awesome.......special thanks to Matt Knaggs and his team for all the work they did to make this happen. Please remember to stop by the booth and pick up a sticker to put on your bike.

Please help me congratulate Santi Rodriguez Jr....for being the MTC Engineering sponsored 2023 Super Comp Champion in the Manufacturers Cup Drag Racing Series. Take a look at this beautiful bike!

Pick up this great clutch maintenance tray at the MTC booth this weekend. We only have 2 with don't wait too long!

A way to honor the memory of Ron....please pick up a sticker from the booth and put it on your bike so that Ron will be traveling with you this race season. We would be honored.

If you are at the Manufacturers Cup Drag Racing Series event today....please stop by the "Ron Raymond" booth and sign the windshield on his bike with your bike number.

Man Cup Racers.....please take time today to visit the special booth set up on the midway to memorialize Ron Raymond. His favorite bike and leathers are are on display along with some picture boards of his racing career

MTC Engineering will be closed tomorrow in observation of "Good Friday"

MTC Engineering will be on the midway at the upcoming MTC Spring Nationals put on by the Manufacturers Cup Drag Racing Series in Valdosta, GA. Please plan on coming and stopping by and seeing our great line of products.

MTC Engineering and the Manufacturers Cup Drag Racing Series...have joined up to dedicate the MTC Engineering Spring Nationals in Valdosta to the memory of "Ronnie Raymond" Ronnie raced with the Manufacturers Cup frequently. The event shirts highlight Ron and his bike, and we will have a booth on the midway with his bike and various memory items displayed. Stop by the booth and pay homage to Ron Our prayers and thoughts are with his family.

Congratulations to K&T Performance for breaking three records with this amazing machine. MTC Engineering is proud to have worked with K&T to develop a custom Gen II clutch for this application to get all that horsepower to the rear wheels!

Someone has hacked our facebook page, so I changed the profile and cover photo.

Our block department is "overloaded". Thank you to our customers for trusting us with their power requirements. We are working as fast as possible to keep up!!!

MTC Engineering continues to support your racing organizations. We are the event sponsor for the XDA series on May 17-19 in Richmond, VA.

We continue to support as many racing series that we can! Please support your local series and get out and have fun!!!!

Throw back Thursday!!! Anybody have any bikes that might still have an MTC Engineering exhaust pipe on it?

We support your racing "addiction" by paying you to win!!!! Please support your racing series that put on these great events!

MTC Engineering is looking for Hayabusa basket cores. If you have some in good condition that you would like to sell, please let us know. The basket can have broken "tangs" on it, we do not use that portion.

MTC Engineering️ Updated their cover photo. 5 months ago

We appreciate our customers and try to give back to as many as possible!!! Racers.........Support your local racing series!

MTC Engineering supports your passion!

We wish you and your family the best during this Christmas Season.

MTC Engineering will be closed from December 25th thru Jan 1st....opening on Tuesday Jan 2nd. If you need anything delivered in that time frame, please call us this week for ordering and shipping. We are also taking inventory on Thursday and Friday of this week and will have limited production.

This event will be off the charts!!!

MTC Engineering is looking for some ZX-14 basket cores, 2008- newer----single gear. Broken basket is fine, we just need a good gear and gear parts. If you have some that you could bring with you to Orlando this weekend, let us know.

Here are a couple great Christmas ideas that we will have at the KOG event this weekend. Racers.....share this post with your wife/husband or significant other See you this weekend.

MTC Engineering will be at the Orlando KOG event this weekend. We will be there from Thursday thru Saturday. Stop by and see our great line of products.