Can I buy directly from MTC or do I need to go through a dealer?

All of MTC’s products are available direct or through our dealer network. We recommend you use a dealer if he is building an assembly or a complete engine so that our products match other components in the engine.

Can I put a link to MTC on my web site?

We would be honored. We appreciate your endorsement of our products.
Please use the following link to If you need an image, please contact us.

NOTES: We are MTC Engineering LLC, not INC. When Tony owned the company they were INC. You can leave off the LLC if you wish, but do NOT use INC.

Please make sure you use the correct email address. NOT the AOL account. See Contact us for information.

How do I become an MTC Dealer?

The MTC Engineering dealer program is for licensed businesses that commit to ordering a minimum volume from MTC each calendar year.

  • Produce appropriate documentation including:
    • Completed Dealer Application.  MTC Engineering Dealer Application.
    • Proof of business in city, county, state, or other government structure
    • Copy of local advertising or yellow page ad
  • Agree to purchase a minimum of $400 for the first order and $2,000 per year

Each calendar year, MTC will review annual purchases.  Any deal falling below the minimum requirements will revert to retail for a minimum of one (1) calendar year.  After that year, you may reapply for dealer status.

For more information click here.

Is there a dealer program for authorized Harley-Davidson Dealers?


Since MTC Engineering is the sole source provide for certain Destroyer components, any authorized Harley-Davidson Dealer can become an MTC dealer. Unlike regular MTC Dealers, there is no minimum yearly purchase requirement.

Get details here. (To be linked)

What are MTC hours of operation?

MTC Engineering is open Monday – Friday 8 am – 4:30 pm Eastern Time.
NOTE: the clock on the left below the top menu is the local MTC time and day.

What does MTC stand for?

MTC was derived from the first initial of the last name of the three original owners.  Other than that, it has no special meaning.

Trivia: MTC’s safety slogan is “Making Things Carefully!”

What payment types does MTC accept?

MTC Engineering accepts the following payment methods:

  • Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express credit cards.
  • PayPal.  Our PayPal account is:
  • UPS COD: requires a certified check or a money order.
  • Wire transfer: Contact us for details.