Are all MTC slider baskets compatible with the Gen II?

For the most part they are compatible, but there are some exceptions. If you have an old KZ900/1000 or GS1100/1150 slider basket equipped with the steel inner backing plate, it is not possible to use that with a Gen II multistage. The Gen II uses a plate which is pinned to the inside of the basket, it is not possible to install that into one of these old baskets. The GSXR 1000 does not use a pinned plate due to the factory design of the clutch and isn’t restricted, any MTC GSXR 1000 slider basket can be used with a Gen II.

Later model KZ and GS slider baskets have eliminated the need for the inner plate and are solid aluminum, which can be drilled for the pin holes if not already equipped. The newer bikes didn’t have these plates and are not subject to this restriction.

If you are not sure if you basket has the holes, look inside the bottom for 3 blind holes drilled next to the rivet heads. If those are present, the slider basket is ready to use with a Gen II. Don’t worry if the holes are not in there, we can put those holes in your later model MTC slider basket, just send it in with your order.

Can I use my MTC billet inner hub with a Gen II?

We can modify our Hayabusa inner hub to use with a Gen II. This will save you some money on the final cost of a Gen II, but once modified it can not be used with a multistage or slider again. Please contact sales for more information.

Can the Gen II be operated as a slider?

No, the Gen II is designed to maintain the use of the clutch lever. The six arms do most of the work so you get the benefit of progressive application of clutch force and the ability to ride it back to the pits.


Does a Gen II Multistage have a stall speed?

Not in the sense that a slider does, since the Gen II has clutch springs it will engage the clutch at any point the clutch is released. The arms add additional progressive clamping force over and above the initial static pressure. This innovative feature simulates a rider feathering the clutch out, but in a much more accurate and consistent fashion. This is why you see riders ‘dumping’ the clutch when using a Gen II, if it’s setup properly there is no need for the rider to ride the clutch out.

How does heat affect a Gen II clutch?

Putting an excessive amount of heat into the clutch during the burnout can cause your bike to creep or pull through the lights. You can help alleviate this problem by maintaining a high enough RPM during the burnout to keep the clutch from slipping. Try tipping the bike to the right, after the burnout to get some oil on the clutch.

If you have an air control on the clutch release, make sure the hold pressure is high enough to keep the Gen II from overpowering the release cylinder.

How many different static springs are available for the Gen II?

All of our Gen II Multistage clutches use the same clutch springs. Because most of the work is done by the dynamic springs and arms, any necessary adjustments to the static springs pressure would be minor. So different sets of static springs are not needed.

I already have a MTC slider clutch, can I use any of the parts to convert to a Gen II?

Yes, some of the parts can be used and save you some money. Contact us to find out which parts can be used when you switch from a MTC Slider to our Gen II Multistage.


I misplaced my instructions, where can I get another copy?

You can obtain a new copy of the Gen II instructions for you bike by clicking here Clutch Installation and selecting your bike model.


I want to dyno my Gen II equipped bike, what do I need to do?

To insure the clutch does not slip while making dyno pulls we recommend altering the setup of the unit. Completely remove the small dynamic springs from the top of lockup hat then put 3 or 4 more grams on each arm. Put a total of (5) five .050″ shims on each spring. Remember to put the setup back the way it was before riding the bike though.

Is the Gen II streetable?

We do not have any feedback from anyone trying to use a Gen II on the street. Due to the way the Gen II Multistage operates, it would require a completely different setup to even attempt to street ride. The possibility exists, as with all lockup type clutches, that at a high enough RPM or speed the clamping force could be significant enough to prevent the rider from pulling the clutch lever.

All of MTC’s parts are sold for offroad use only and makes no claim as to suitability or legality of on road use.

Isn't adding weight to the arms the same as changing the dynamic springs?

No, adding weight to the arms steepens the curve of clamping force. If the weight remains the same changing the springs will move the curve higher or lower in the RPM band however the clamping slope will remain the same. This is one of the reasons we recommend keeping the weight the same on each arm. If you are just trying to change the RPM of the arm application do it with the springs. The need for more clamping force would be dealt with by adding weight.

What RPM do each of the dynamic springs apply?

Honestly, there are too many variables to answer that correctly. Everything from primary gear ratio, to air gap, to weight on the arms play a role in what RPM the arms starts to apply additional force to the pressure plate.

Why is maintaining the air gap so important?

The air gap controls the point of contact for the arms. If this is too small, the arms can not roll far enough past center to apply sufficient force to the pressure plate. A gap which is too large will cause the arms to tip further and be more aggressive, but the arms have limited travel and will eventually reach a point where they coil bind the dynamic spring and will not apply additional force the clutch. Additionally, arms too close or too far away will not apply at the desired RPM either. Maintaining this gap within the specs will insure consistent function of the clutch and help prevent damage to the unit.


Will my heavy duty billet basket work with a Gen II?

In most all cases the answer is no. The billet baskets are taller and cut differently than the slider basket and do not work. The exception to this is the KZ900/1000, the MTC basket for this application is the same whether for a lockup, slider, or Gen II. We usually suggest you try to sell the heavy basket to help offset some of the cost of a Gen II and send us a stock core to utilize. If necessary we will unmount your gear from the heavy duty basket and install that gear on our slider basket. We will return your unassembled heavy duty basket to you with your order.