All MTC Engineering clutches come with a complete set of installation instructions.

These files are PDFs and will open in a separate browser window.  There may be some delay in seeing the results.  Please be patient and wait for the download to complete.  At that time, you may choose to save a copy of the PDF to your local drive.If you are considering purchasing a clutch, you can read the installation instructions to see what is required.  Also, from time to time our instructions are updated to reflect design changes or new additions to the product line.

Regardless of the type of clutch you buy, you will need to send some items to us.

Click here for a list of what you need to send to MTC for modification.

Now that I have my new clutch, how do I install it?



 Slider Clutches:

Slider Clutch Installation Instructions

VRod Slider Clutch Installation Instructions

How to backdate 2005/08 GSXR1000 to use a MTC slider clutch



Lock Up Clutches:


Multi-Stage Installation Instructions

2-Stage Installation Instructions

Specific Instructions:

GSXR1100 Multistage Installation Instructions

How to backdate 2005/06 GSXR1000

How to backdate 2007/08 GSXR1000 hydraulic to cable

ZX10 Lockup Instructions

Gen II Multistage Installation Instructions for:


Harley Davidson






Yamaha Banshee

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All MTC Engineering Sliders, Multi-Stage Lock Ups, and components are covered under U.S. Patents.