Can I replace just one sleeve in a four cylinder block?

No.  You must also replace the sleeve next to it at the same time.  If you don’t, the re-sleeve process would cause the one next to it to go out of round.

Do I need to replace both power rings on a 1/2 resleeve for a 4-cylinder block?

Yes.  Since the deck of the deck is surfaced, the deck hight for those 2 cylinders will be lower than the other.  So, you must resurface the entire deck and replace the power rings.

Does MTC use torque plate for bore & hone for HD cylinders?

Yes.  If you don’t the cylinders won’t be round.  We have torque plates for most Harley-Davidson models.

How big can I go with a stock block?

78mm is the largest.  For larger, you must go to a Big Block.


What is the torque for heavy-duty cylinder studs?

Heavy-duty cylinder studs torque to 40-42 ft lb.


What type of sealing systems are available for MTC cylinder blocks?

MTC has three types of systems available.

  • O-ring machined into the top of the sleeve for a copper wire.
  • O-ring machined into the top of the sleeve for a stainless wire.
  • Power ring design machined into sleeve for copper power rings.

These sealing systems are used in conjunction with a copper head gasket.