Can I use OEM fibers and steels with MTC clutches?

Yes. OEM fibers and steels can be used with MTC clutches.  However, we do recommend the hard chrome steels for the slider clutches.

My bike is bucking when I launch it hard, what causes this?

There can be a few things that cause this, however, the most likely cause is worn springs in the outer clutch basket.

If the springs are too loose this can allow the outer basket to spring back and forth on the ring gear when the bike is launched, resulting in the bike being very erratic. We recommend that you have the basket inspected for excessive wear.

MTC can rebuild some stock baskets and can upgrade many applications to a heavy duty billet basket. Please contact us for details.

What do I need to send to MTC when I buy a clutch?

The chart shows what you need to send depending on your bike and the type of clutch you are installing.

See the answer here.

What is the difference between a Multistage and 2-stage lockup?

What makes MTC fiber plates different than OEM?

What makes MTC fiber plates different than OEM?

What springs do I receive with my Hayabusa Billet Inner Hub?

The Hayabusa billet inner hub comes with:

  • Heavy duty springs. (CLU-HCS150)
  • Aluminum spacer with 6mm bolts (6) (for use without a lock up)