main_bearing_studsMAIN BEARING STUDS


cylinder_studsCYLINDER STUDS


cylinder_head_nutsCYLINDER HEAD NUTS


rocker_arm_screwsROCKER ARM SCREWS


cam_sprocketsCAM SPROCKETS

Fully machined and slotted


cam_chainCAM CHAINS


valve_guidesVALVE GUIDES

Silicon bronze pre-honed for ease of installation

cam_tappetsCAM TAPPETS

Hard chrome/WCC coated for wear resistance

valve_sealsVALVE SEALS

MTC valve seals are true Hi-Performance valve seals.  Double lipped for maximum oil control.

valve_springsVALVE SPRINGS

Simply the Best


titanium_retainersTITANIUM RETAINERS

Reduced valve train weight without sacrificing strength.