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MTC Cylinder Blocks are cast out of the same alloy that is used for all Top Fuel and Funny Car blocks and heads to insure maximum strength.  Then they are CNC machined, including the cam chain roller cavities, to insure uniformity of all parts.

MTC Cylinder Blocks come 2 different ways: Sleeved and Surfaced, or Finished.

Finished blocks are bored and honed using our state of the art equipment. This insures the straightest, roundest holes possible.

* For sleeved and surfaced blocks specify sleeve turndown, deck height, and bore size.
** For finished blocks specify bore size, o-ring/power ring style, head gasket type, sleeve turndown, and deck height.
MTC also offers an exchange program on SUZ GSX1300R HAYABUSA and KAW ZX-12 blocks


These MTC billet blocks are made of high quality aircraft standard aluminum and are designed to add more material to the area around the cylinders to support the ductile sleeves. This helps maintain bore roundness over time.  The blocks can be custom made to your specifications and are available in either finished condition or just as a bare block.  They can also be custom engraved with your team name.